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KC&SCC Public Liability Insurance

The policy provides cover if a piece of the club's or member's equipment (including umbrellas used as part of the club's display) causes damage to a third party or their property.

Members are covered for public liability if they attend a show on their own providing that a committee member is aware of their attendance beforehand.

Members cars and members themselves are not covered under the policy. their cars have to be covered under their own car policies and they attend at their own risk as far as accidents are concerned.

Insurance details:

Insurer: Ansvar Insurance

Brokers: Peter Best Insurance Services Ltd

Policy Number: SCW 2291066

Valid from: 23.05.2017 to 22.05.2018

Claims dealt with by the Club Treasurer

What to do in the event of an accident

You will need to note down full details of the accident, including property / person / vehicle damages plus the name, address and phone number of any person making a claim against the club.

If possible, take photos (either by mobile phone, camera or ask another club member to do it for you) of the damage caused to the other person or their property.

Contact the club treasurer as soon as possible

Pete Hale

07976 288885


who will deal with the necessary paperwork etc.

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